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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Coming to you late

Hello again everybody, this post is coming to you extremely late. Sorry about not posting for a long time, but I have been really busy lately. First, to start thing off, more links:

gofishguys.com "Go Fish is a great Christian band with music sure to suit all ages."

whitsend.org "Whit's End is the website for the christian program currently beeing played of Family Life Radio, Adventures in Odyssey. It's a great program, with strong Christian values."

Also this week...

I found a way to get music on here. So if you would like music on your blog, go to RadioBlogClub.com. They don't have much Christian music on there, but I hope they add more soon. Personally, I wish they had KJ-52 available. "Click here, to listen to KJ-52 on myspace" I just added Casting Crowns song, Voice Of Truth to the WCC. Click here, to listen. That's all I have for this week, hopefully I'll post more on Sunday... Thanks for reading, have a great week, and God bless!

Dan Lacey, just started up a new blog called, World Wide Faithmouse, and I truely hope that works our for him. Dan Lacey has also posted on Faithmouse that he has current debt issues... Speaking on the behalf of Dan, prayers are appreciated. I know I'm praying for him. And you can also donate money, with paypal. To donate money, click here.

Angle D.

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