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Sunday, August 06, 2006

WCC special edition

Hello again, and Happy Sunday! We forgot to post last week, sorry about that... But Faith and I decided to make that up, by posting a special edition. For our special edition, Faith and I will be making this post together. And now, here we are with some new links:

christianbook.com "ChristianBook.com, is a Christian online store, that Faith and I both go on. There's a lot to browse for, like: (Academic & Pastoral, Audiobooks, Bibles, Books, Church Supplies, Clothing & Accessories, Crafts & Recreation, Education, Gift & Home, Homeschool, Kids, Magazine Subscriptions, Multi-Cultural, Music, Music Downloads, Patriotic, Software, Video/DVD) and more..."

myflr.org "My FLR, 'Family Life Radio', is a Christian radio station, that Faith and I also listen to. There's a large variety of music to choose from, but all with the same point, the Lord Jesus Christ."

You may have noticed a few new changes here at WCC... First, we've changed the background design of the WCC. No particular reason, I guess we just changed it for the sake of changing. And we've also added a "need a prayer?" button. The "Need a prayer?" bar is something I really felt like we should add here to the WCC... So if you're having any troubles lately, and need a little help... Feel free to e-mail us, and we'll pray for you right away.

A special thanks goes out to Dan Lacey, for making the new WCC logo, and for providing a link here. Thanks Dan! And here we are, at the end of our post... Thanks for reading, have a great weak, see you next time, and God bless!
Speaking of Dan Lacey, he also did this picture, and posted it on faithmouse. Keep up the great work Dan!

Angel D, and Faith


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