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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Sunday

Hello everbody, and happy Sunday! This week I'm again posting super late... Really, I am sorry!

Anyhow, To start off this week, I don't know about anybody else here who visits The WCC, but I am a big comic-book-lover. Which is why I would like mention comics.com. You can find all sorts of great comics on there, including one of my favorite comics, BC.


click here, for a larger image.

Anyhow, that completes our comic portion for today... Also this week, more music. Mercy Me- I Can Only Imagine. Click here, to listen now.

A little while ago, God inspired me to do a new blog, to help you learn more about the Lord, Jesus Christ. This blog, The Cross, is mainly for those who aren't saved Christians... Well, that sums up this week. Hope to post on time next week, but the 'key' word there is: Hope... Have a great week, and God bless!
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Found this great Catholic Church blog. Great weblog to check out. Click here, to visit now.

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